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From the outset, the brand created by a naturopathic biologist and a beautician, was intended for beauty salons. They thus formulate many cosmetics of natural origin and to facilitate the practice of cabin care, they come up with a very ingenious idea: to condition creams, masks, serum in glass ampoules. Not only do they guarantee practicality and absolute watertightness, but they prevent waste. One bulb = one use! An exclusive innovation that is fully in line with the brand's ecological values.

Thanks to our beautician partners, who trusted us and believed in the brand from the start, Phyt's has become a reference among beauty professionals by developing up to 17 certified organic technical treatments and of natural origin for the face and body, as well as exotic relaxing treatments with the 90-minute “Sensory Getaways” from Bionatural by Phyt's, which combine well-being, relaxation and naturalness.

In addition, our partners now have the possibility of offering you a digital skin diagnosis, thanks to Visioderm Phyts pro connect, our patented, unique, innovative analyzer, made in France.

Thanks to the expertise of your beauty professional and the VisioDerm Phyts Pro Connect scientific diagnosis, you can instantly obtain a scientific analysis of your skin, take stock of your main skin disorders, determine together the most personalized program adapted, measure the benefits of the care and finally follow its improvement thanks to successive analyzes (device available from our approved partners Phyt'Skin Center),

Don't hesitate any longer, quickly make an appointment with our partners or at your Phyt'Skin center


The story of PHYT'S began in 1972, when Jean-Paul Llopart, naturopathic biologist and Rosanne Verlé, beautician, created PHYTAL, a brand of cosmetics of natural origin intended for beauticians. Revolutionaries in their approach to beauty, which they advocate as inseparable from health, they founded the bases of Naturo-Aesthetics™ and became the pioneers of cosmetics combining ecology and naturalness.

Over the years, they have developed innovative and effective treatment products and methods (professional treatments packaged in ampoules, Contact+ Scrub; Prélude 108, etc.) without synthetic preservatives.

Integrated into the Laboratoires Jérodia group in 2004, a specialist in "natural beauty and health", the brand then took on a new dimension by becoming Phyt's.

All our cosmetics are developed by our research center and manufactured in our factories in Caillac in the Lot in France.

PHYT'S wishes to preserve its origins and its values:

  • Plaisir
  • Efficiency,
  • Protection of man and his environment,
  • Safety.

Even today, Phyt's priority is to offer certified organic care and cosmetics that are 100% of natural origin (1).

From hygiene to products for the face, body, hair, through make-up, food supplements and baby care, PHYT'S takes care of the whole family.

Choosing PHYT'S means choosing a different brand in order to:

  • Participate in an awareness allowing to develop certain practices which lead to put the man in balance with his environment,
  • Giving meaning and responsibility to everyday life,
  • Share a commitment for a better world and respect for our land.




Our ranges are developed with know-how from A to Z, by our own Research and Development department located in Alenya (66), then processed and produced in Caillac in the Lot (46).

Our manufacturing and storage workshops of more than 15000 m² are composed of:

  • A production unit equipped with high-performance and recent equipment and 16 manufacturing and packaging lines
  • A screen printing unit for packaging
  • A packaging unit for packing and boxing
  • A Quality control center ensuring rigorous monitoring of the application of good manufacturing practices.

Complete control of the production chain to guarantee high product quality, infallible traceability and a strong commitment to the benefit of local employment. A production quality certified according to the ISO 22716 standard (good cosmetic manufacturing practices).

The COSMEBIO and COSMOS labels: a guarantee of Quality.

Our PHYT'S treatments are certified by Qualité France and follow the COSMEBIO and COSMOS labels, two labels that allow you to distinguish at a glance which cosmetics are truly natural or certified organic. They are based on demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values.

In addition, our 50-year expertise in cosmetics of natural origin and certified organic allows us to offer formulas that are perfectly self-preserved naturally, without the addition of synthetic preservatives, i.e. 100% of natural origin (3).

Effective certified organic cosmetics!

No need to choose between a certified organic product and an effective product! Mastering a unique know-how, our Research & Development laboratory continues to develop formulas that act at the heart of Beauty, asserting our capacity for innovation for 50 years. Convinced that plants contain unrivaled virtues for health and beauty, our laboratory has acquired and developed serious skills in the use of essential and vegetable oils and plant active ingredients in formulations for ever more visible results, validated by external laboratories.



Guaranteeing a mode of production that respects the environment and preserves nature has been at the heart of our company policy since its creation.

For this, PHYT'S Laboratories are committed throughout the life cycle of a product:

  • Vegan and natural-origin cosmetics:

- Most of our products do not contain any animal substance and are devoid of synthetic dyes and preservatives

  • Preservation of the environment :

- Use of cleaning products validated by Ecocert, waste management and selective sorting, gentle and non-polluting transformation process, 50% reduction in our water consumption for the manufacture of our products, short-term installation of cars electric vehicles to ensure inter-site travel.

  • Protection of the natural space with clean packaging:

- Choice of recyclable containers (glass, aluminium, PE, PET and PP plastics, as well as cardboard and paper), or even energy-reusable. Secondary packaging from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certification).
- Protection during the transport of our products by air cushions in width of 200mm comprising 50% of recycled material and being recyclable.

  • Participation in the development of local agricultural activity; a strong plant industry:

- Creation of certified organic agroforestry plots and involvement in the protection of natural environments
- Partnerships with local farmers to produce our own raw materials, of controlled quality, in a short circuit, and to develop the local economy.
- In the medium term: support for the diversification of farmers towards crops used in the composition of our cosmetics and being consistent with the terroir and local biodiversity. Membership of the Quercy PPAM association to begin a collective reflection in order to develop new cultures.
- Production project and internal transformation of part of our raw materials via "La ferme Phyts".

(1) for most formulas

(2) for the Aromalliance, Panacée, Solids, SPF30, SPF50 range

(3) for most formula