CLINICAL CARE 3 Step Home Peeling Treatment 3pcs (1Set)

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CLINICAL CARE 3 Step Home Peeling Treatment - HC3217


Clinical Care 3 Step Home Peeling is developed for skin with blemishes. Does not contain any paraben, PEGs and mineral oils. It has anti-inflammatory and deep cleansing effect. Skin looks clearer and gives an even and fine-pored complexion.

STEP 1 BHA Peeling Liquid: Salicylic acid  

STEP 2 Calming Mask:Laminaria japonica extract                                                                  

STEP 3 Cream: Honey Extract, Ginseng Root Extract

Step1: Remove the cotton bud soaked in BHA Peeling Liquid from the packaging and glide over the thoroughly cleansed face. Apply tonic after 3-5 minutes.                              

Step2: Remove the mask from the packaging, unfold it carefully, place it on the face and gently press down using your fingertips.  Leave to absorb for 10-20 minutes, remove and gently massage any remaining residue into the skin.

Step3: Remove the skin refining serum from the sachet and massage it into the skin whilst it is still damp.

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