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KLAPP Skin Care Science

Skin. In all its facets. All its colors. All its types. She is the focus of our actions and all our activities.

For your radiance, your health and your beauty, we invest all our competence, knowledge, experience and innovative spirit.

For over 40 years, we at KLAPP have been developing professional cosmetics based on scientific expertise and German quality standards.

Skin Care products that activate the regenerative abilities of the skin itself with complex, high-performance combinations of active ingredients.

That’s the PRINCIPLE of KLAPP Skin Care Science
We recognize the individuality and the needs of the skin and support it to the optimal self-hillfe through our care products. Beautiful, well-groomed skin is our most effective formula for positive self-esteem. The highest quality standards for our cosmetics, which we are constantly developing to achieve optimized effectiveness, are therefore confirmed by over 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Our active ingredient principles

In the laboratories in Hessisch-Lichtenau, our cosmetic products with "Made in Germany" are developed by our teams under the highest quality standards and science-based innovations developed by our teams.

KLAPP Skin Care products thus ensure the health, beauty and radiance of our skin with an intelligent combination of science and an understan- ding of natural active ingredient principles.
Our skin has a natural regeneration system: skin’s own metabolic proces- ses that provide a more beautiful, healthy and radiant complexion.

KLAPP develops Skin Care products with highly potent, natural active ingredients that stimulate and strengthen these endogenous capabili- ties. Based on the latest scientific findings and with the help of the most innovative technologies.

Thus KLAPP care products apply protection, regeneration, freshness and radiance not only superficially. Rather, the skin itself is addressed (KEEP) to preserve valuable skin-own substances (ACTIVATE) and to mobilize your natural functional principles and (PREVENT) to incorporate the active ingredients into the skin without loss.

High-performance active ingredient cosmetics Made in Germany. 

KLAPP Cosmetics is a pioneer in the world of beauty and synonymous with innovative cosmetic treatments that are ahead of their time. We understand "Made in Germany" as a promise of quality. Over 40 years of experience and the continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods always lead to the highest treatment satisfaction.

Worldwide, more than 35,000 cosmetic institutes and hotels in over 60 countries place their trust in us.


Gerhard Klapp is the founder of KLAPP Cosmetics.

Internationally recognized beauty & wellness specialist, visionary, alternative practitioner and book author.


  • Founded in 1981 by the visionary Gerhardt Klapp.
  • Management duo Sylvia Jentsch, CEO and Dr. Christian Möller, COO.
  • Headquarters in Hessisch-Lichtenau
  • all products are developed and produced at the Hessisch Lichtenau site
  • production according to GM, Iso certication
  • highest quality standards for high performance active ingredient cosmetics
  • available in more than 35.000 institutes and hotels worldwide
  • distributed in more than 60 countries
  • subsidiaries in China


Focused on the topic of sustainability and environmental protection, we are increasingly innovations in the areas of Sustainable Sourcing and Clean + Vegan Cosmetic. These are important points for us to constantly reduce the ecological and footprint of KLAPP Skin Care Science. In addition, we understand Social Care and Gender Equality as self-evident and future-oriented work.

Clean and vegan beauty

Clean Beauty is on everyone's lips. But what does that mean exactly? KLAPP Skin Care Science stands for "pure cosmetics", i.e. cosmetics that do not contain any critically questioned ingredients.